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Our Services

In the mortgage business, the license is a springboard to success. Obtaining one shouldn't be a hassle. That's where we come in. Experts Mortgage Licensing is dedicated to assisting clients with all phases of obtaining and maintaining mortgage broker and mortgage lender licenses, mortgage loan originator licenses, and mortgage branch licenses. Assistance with Mortgage Call Reports, annual business reporting, and license renewals is available to our clients.

The Process

Our mortgage licensing team will perform a full, complimentary review your business documents to submit with a mortgage license application, followed by registrations with Secretaries of State. We also coordinate with surety providers for bonds, prepare amendments to license applications as necessary, enroll mortgage loan officers in education, organize registered agents, and gather the documentation needed for the process. Experts will also address any issues (commonly referred to as license deficiencies) that may arise during the application.

Learn more about the mortgage license application process for mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders by speaking with one of the Experts.